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—author, technologist, historian, and purveyor of dangerous advice.

I take it you're here to buy a book, check out what's on bestseller lists, or probably just looking for help with your writing. So look around. Hit that button to buy Bombay Swastika—called arguably the most interesting debut novel by an Indian author since White Tiger. Otherwise explore what else is there to read, or subscribe to the newsletter and learn how to write like a boss.

About writing, there's something to be said for having lived in different cities around the world. One always has a story to tell, or enough material to make one up. There's no story worth narrating though, without a twist to the tale. Arriving at that twist means first conjuring up a conflict, then proceeding to resolve it in a plausible manner. And if you think about it, real life pretty much works the same way. Most of our travails are, after all, self-induced. The difference being—at least in my case—while I developed an inventory of techniques to device crafty solutions on paper, there was none of that for my real life problems. Problems that overwhelmed me, leaving me short of breath, hyperventilating like Ernst in Bombay Swastika.

Then the coin dropped and I have, over the past several years, attempted to apply those same techniques to real life problems. All that thinking one applies to creating and resolving conflicts on paper, the various tricks one comes up with to do that—a writer should be able to apply them to real life.

The result, at least for me, was a gradual control over matters once left to karma,or luck. A collateral dividend being reductions in stress levels on realizing that life, after all, is just another story-in-progress and, it was up to me how to steer it. I would now steer it like I did my stories and it's worked like a charm. Every writer should try it.

So there you go then—your first lesson from this visit.

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